Benefits Of Pressure Washing

benefits of power washingPressure washing is a great way to clean and disinfect everything from your swimming pool, to your outdoor furniture, to your entire home’s exterior. Why choose pressure washing over other washing or cleaning methods? Learn more about the 5 benefits of pressure washing.

1. Keeps you and your family healthy.
Pressure washing can relieve surfaces of mildew, mold, and various types of harmful bacteria. On your home, these mold spores can find their way inside, putting your property and health at risk as your interior air and belongings are exposed to spores in the air. On decks, driveway, and patio surfaces, these substances can come in direct contact with your family. A yearly power washing can help to keep this grime at bay and your property clean.

2. Works as preventative maintenance.
Any homeowner can attest to the benefits of pressure washing, and preventative maintenance. Taking care of problems early can save a great deal of money and headache, and power washing is no different. With regular power washing, mildew and other grime won’t be able to stick around and break down the structure of your home from the outside.

3. Increases value and curb appeal.
If you’re planning to sell your home, a power washing isn’t just beneficial, it could be considered downright necessary. When prospective buyers are looking for a new home to call their own, first impressions really matter, and a home with a fresh power washing there  is a home that looks clean, well maintained, and move-in ready. According to Consumer Reports, there are benefits of pressure washing your home, it can increase its value by around 2 to 5%.

4. Saves you time.
If you’re planning to wash the deck, the driveway, or the sidewalk, opting for a professional power washing can save you some serious time. Without power washing, you’ll need to mix up a solution, and plan to scrub the day away, while the same job can be done even more efficiently for a literal fraction of the time with a power washer.

5. Get those hard to reach areas.
Some areas around your property can be difficult to reach for any multitude of reasons. While it’s tough for you to get to, it’s certainly not tough for mold and mildew to get to, which means that you’ll need to figure out a way to clean it anyway. With power washing, simply adjust the nozzle to point in a different direction, and reaching these difficult areas is made a breeze.

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