Can You Really Pressure Wash Your Roof?

When most people think of pressure washing, they think of using a pressure washer to clean of things like their deck or patio furniture. And heavier pressure wands can even peel paint from siding in some cases. But what about your roof? It’s something that isn’t considered when it comes to pressure washing, but with today’s newer techniques and the right team on your side, pressure washing your roof is a very real possibility.

Why Is It Worth Doing?
The first question many might ask is simply why pressure washing a roof is a worthwhile consideration. The answer is easy to understand – it helps preserve the lifespan of the roof and prevents future damages from occurring. Not only that, but your home’s roof has a very real impact on its curb appeal and by cleaning it you’ll be able to help improve the way your property looks.

Mold, dirt, moss, and debris can all build up on shingles, metal, and tile roofs. No matter the type of material on the top of your home, these buildups can cause water to pool up and lead to leaks as well as damage to the surfaces.

The Pressure Washing Solution
Pressure washing a roof utilizes a technique that is known as soft washing. This refers to the amount of pressure applied by the wand’s nozzles. In soft washing, a lower pressure nozzle is used. This allows detergents to be added to the wash and also helps clean the roof without the higher pressures that can potentially damage roofing materials.

With soft washing, you get a cleaner roof that will look as good as new, but don’t’ have to risk blasting away caulk, seals, or the protective surfaces of shingles. In short, it offers the easiest way to get a clean roof quickly and safely.

The Professional Difference
Pressure washing is wet, skillful work. One wrong pass with a blast of high pressure water can damage roofs and other parts of your home easily. That’s one of the key reasons that it’s best left to the pros – you know that the work will be done correctly and without risk to your home.

But it’s also worth remembering that when you trust in the pros, you avoid putting yourself at risk as well. Working on a roof can be dangerous, and letting professionals take care of the job means that you can keep your feet safely on the ground.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is simple – few things can revitalize a roof quite like a good pressure washing. And today’ soft washing options mean that it’s safer than ever to get a great clean on your roof.

One Call Does it All

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