How Pressure Washing Can Help To Make You Healthier

Pressure washing helps your paint job to last longer, soft washing helps your roof to hold up to all seasonal conditions, and both give your home a nice fresh look. Did you know, however, that pressure washing isn’t all for aesthetics, and that it can help to make your home a healthier place as well? A healthy home is a happy home, and just as washing the inside of your home helps to keep you healthy, washing the outside does the same.

Pressure washing is great at removing mold, mildew, algae, and other allergens that grow on your home from the outside. Mold especially thrives in all different sorts of outdoor conditions, and will easily make the exterior of your home its home if given the opportunity. Once mold begins growing on the outside, mold spores multiply in the air, and on those nice days when the windows are open, make their way inside to begin taking over your interior space. Once mold gets inside you’ll feel, see, and smell what it can do to your home, creating a much costlier cleanup process than if the mold were eliminated from the outside.

Unfortunately, the interior of the average home has the perfect settings already in place for mold. The home is kept at a nice even temperature, there are plenty of dark nooks and crannies for the mold to thrive, and there is food everywhere. Mold feeds on cellulose material, the same found in wood, books, clothing, carpet, and so much more, all things found readily in any area of your home. When mold gets in and starts feeding, it ruins these materials, causing costly property damage wherever the mold takes root. While indoor mold can be eliminated through remediation processes, the property will often be a lost cause.

Mold spores also cause respiratory problems and concerns which can become emergency situations for those with existing respiratory conditions or immune system deficiencies. Sore throats, asthma attacks, sinus congestion that doesn’t go away, and headaches can all have a root cause in exposure to mold spores.

How can you help to save your home from falling victim to a mold invasion? Taking care of the mold on the outside with pressure or soft washing can help to eliminate it the simple way, before it comes in, takes hold, and you’re left with a much messier mold problem.

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