Sagaponack Window, Roof, Cedar & Deck and Patio Area Cleaning and Power Washing Services

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Complete Range of Cleaning Offerings for Sagaponack

When homeowners of Sagaponack need the task done right, they call Preferred Choice. We provide a wide variety of cleaning solutions to property owners and services, including:

  • Power Washing / Pressure Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning (Inside and Out) -- exterior / interior / window washing / streak free
  • Cedar Cleaning and Restoration
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Outdoor patio Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing Soft Wash House Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Pavers and Brick Cleaning
  • Brick and Concrete Power Washing
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Vinyl Fencing, Railing and Deck Cleaning
  • Gutter Services
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • If you wish to keep your home looking terrific and prevent harm brought on by too little upkeep, get in touch with Preferred Choice Cleaning Services now at (631) 475-8900, serving customers throughout Long Island!

    Power Washing vs Pressure Washing in Sagaponack

    Numerous clients in Sagaponack ask for pressure washing or power washing, but what is the difference? The truth is that the distinction is subtle. Both use high-pressure water, however with power washing the water might be heated up (which can have a higher influence on mold and algae) where pressure washing uses unheated water. Both work and the distinction is not considerable.

    In contrast, we likewise provide "soft washing" which us often used with aluminum siding and wood. The combination of softer water (about the pressure of a garden hose) combined with particular cleaners will produce a great outcome on surface areas that cannot stand up to the pressure of a pressure washer / power washer.

    Power Washing Restores Charm to Your Home

    All of us love the look of a freshly redone house. A new patio area, stone around a pool. No matter what it might be, the appearance of brand-new is excellent. Our objective is to keep that appearance going for you. Lots of people will see things that have actually been newly power cleaned and ask what you altered, whether you put in new stonework, etc.

    When providing our power washing services, we frequently apply this to difficult surfaces that need a extensive cleaning. Stone patio areas, brick, Belgian block, cement and other tough surface areas are perfect for power washing. Here, the objective is to blast away filth and other products. Mold, algae and more can likewise be gotten rid of, and the warmer waterpower washers can be more reliable with that removal. With the environmentally friendly cleaners we use, we can get fantastic outcomes with or without the heat.

    We are frequently asked whether power washing is safe for your home. The response is: it depends. The way we do it: absolutely.

    Whether we power wash or soft wash depends on the surface we are dealing with. It depends on the condition of the surface area we are cleaning. It may be appropriate for a lot of cement work, but if you have broken cement, pieces may come lose. We will look, sees your circumstance and offer you the very best technique that both enhances and secures your house.

    Sagaponack Roof Cleaning

    Your roof is among the most pricey -- and crucial -- areas of your house. It safeguards you from the aspects, stays out the rain, program, sun, heat and cold. In time, the roof becomes dirty, unattractive and begins to wear. Just a small amount of roof damage can have major effects.

    Utilizing our safe and sound and non-invasive cleaning techniques, we "soft wash" your roof. Soft washing is really a risk-free alternative cleaning approach to remove moss, mildew, molds, fungi and lichen from roofs without compromising the roofs integrity. While other business utilize high pressure power washers, we take a extremely various method.

    When cleaning a roof in Sagaponack it is necessary to not utilize power washers. Power washers are excellent for cement, stone and brick, but are far too powerful for the roof. They could harm roof materials, cause separation in between roof shingles and compromise the integrity of your roof.

    When Choice Cleaning cleans your home's roof, we utilize a detergent mix with salt hypochlorite parts. We utilize a low-pressure shipment system which has the force of a typical garden hose. In this way, we prevent destructive your asphalt shingles.

    On Long Island, including Sagaponack, there can be considerable growth on your roof which you don't see. Spores and seeds blow through the air, are transferred by birds and insects, and may actually spout and grow on your roof. This plants can be harmful in multiple ways, including growing roots that can penetrate your roofing shingles.

    When we clean with our soft wash process, our cleaning agents work quick! They immediately start reversing the impacts of bacteria growth and start killing off the root system growing on your roof.

    When we service homes in Sagaponack, we have the ability to do at least 90% of the service from the ground level. With lots of homes, our experienced service technicians, do not need to walk on your roof at all.

    All of the work is done out in the open; there aren't any health concerns about bringing technicians into your house.

    Call us today for your free no inconvenience, no commitment roof evaluation!

    Sagaponack Window Cleaning Experts

    Our clients are often shocked when we can be found in and clean up a window. Our clients can keep an eye out the cleaned up window and the window next to it and can not think the difference. Windex on the inside only gets you up until now, and with our professional cleaning items, we can certainly get them cleaner than you ever pictured.

    When we clean up the beyond the windows, the impact is even greater. Many people rarely clean up the outside of the windows-- which is the side that would face the most dirt, pollution, pollen and other materials that can produce a film on your windows. Once cleaned up correctly, the outcomes are wonderful.

    Get Clean, Streak Free Windows

    Our team of glass cleaning experts will include tested techniques that can make your home sparkle. Preferred Choice Cleaning also uses distilled water outside cleaning systems which actually leaves your windows spot free using only filtered distilled water and carbon fiber rods.

    Avoid the frustrations of window cleaning. Get rid of streaks. Don't clean them yourself, only to wind up with smeared windows. Let our Sagaponack window cleaning company assist you!

    If you're searching for the very best window cleaning business on Long Island, look no further. We have hundreds of 5-star ratings from happy clients as you. Regardless of whether you need assistance once or want us to come back using a schedule to keep the windows appearing excellent down the road, we're here for you.

    Our Trained Window Cleaners Will Clean Your Window Screens As Well!

    What about cleaning the screens? We look after that too! During our washing process, we wash through the screens, which has the result of cleaning them. Dirt, dust, pollen and contaminants collect in the window screens. By completely cleaning both screens and also the glass, you're left with an extremely tidy look, no streaks or smudges, and the beautiful view out your windows that you deserve.

    Sagaponack Solar Panel Cleaning

    Your solar panel system can do a solid job of creating energy. Debris, leaves, droppings as well as other things can reduce your house's solar energy by 10-30%.

    You need to thoroughly clean your Sagaponack solar panel system on an annual basis to keep them operating at optimum efficiency. It actually costs money for the solar power panels to stay soiled. Worst of all, as a result of not keeping your solar power system clean, it's possible to cut short its lifespan.

    Proper cleansing utilizes soft wash processes. We do not make use of power washers as well as pressure washer systems on solar panel system. You don't want to break the solar panels or drive water into your panel, which could cause significant damage.

    By making use of our own professional cleaning team, it is possible to provide protection to as well as revitalize your solar electric production system, safe guarding its benefits and usefulness for a long time.

    Sagaponack Cedar Shake Siding and Cedar Shingle Cleaning and Restoration

    On Long Island, cedar shingles and cedar shake siding create a terrific search any home. In Sagaponack, with the extreme weather condition of the region, the cedar can become weathered looking, and establish moss and other growth. Whether you wish to protect from damage, beautify or both, our professionals can assist! Cedar products, when kept properly, may last years. We have worked on cedar roofs and shingles that are more than eighty years old. By preserving them appropriately every few years, they will keep a lovely and fresh look while securing your home for several years to come.

    With any cedar roof and cedar shingle home in Sagaponack, the natural wood surfaces ultimately turn grey. This is brought on by toxins in the air. Algae and mildew can also grow on cedar, adding to the dirtiness. By cleansing the cedar properly, we restore that excellent appearance and safeguard your financial investment.

    Utilizing non-pressure equipment and specialized services, we carefully tidy your cedar roof and shingles, bring back that great appearance. It is important that you not "power wash" the shingles, as this can destroy the fibers, drive water behind the shingles, sculpt lines into the shingles, and trigger other damage.

    Using our soft-wash system, we have the ability to successfully tidy and bring back the shingles, with a wash procedure that has the pressure of a garden hose. This gentle care is necessary when handling cedar in Sagaponack and elsewhere on Long Island.

    If you have an interest in a free quote on how we can clean and rejuvenate your cedar shingle roof and cedar shake siding, call today!

    Sagaponack Power Washing Services for Concrete, Brick and Stone

    Preferred Choice Cleaning Services is Long Island's premiere power washing business. Hundreds of pleased opinions set us apart, our service is second to none.

    Our skilled experts take excellent pride in caring for our customers' homes and services. We utilize business equipment, with cutting-edge mobile hot, cold, and steam adjustable power washing abilities. We ensure there is no damage to your home and you are pleased at the end of the task.

    When power washing concrete, brick and stone, we use the highest quality devices to deliver the ideal pressure to maximize the cleaning results. One size does not fit all. Based on your product, the condition of the material and the amount of cleaning required, our Long island power washing experts will do the task.

    Integrated with the right cleaners, we are able to restore a beautiful and fresh look to your house, driveway, patio and stone work.

    Deck Cleaning in Sagaponack

    When cleaning patios, it is important that we use the best cleaning methods. Excessive pressure and you can damage wood. Inadequate pressure and the material won't clean properly.

    Our Sagaponack deck cleaning pros understand the ideal techniques to use, whether you have a pressure treated pine deck, a hardwood deck such as mahogany or ipe, or perhaps a synthetic deck like Trex.

    On Long Island, decks can build up dirt, gunk, algae and mold. These could make the deck hazardous and slippery. It can likewise cause the deck material to break down quicker, producing the risk of injuries.

    It isn't adequate to simply blast away the product on the deck. We utilize the ideal cleaners to securely eliminate the natural growth, making your deck cleaner for longer, maximizing the worth of your cleaning.

    We also clean up the rails on your deck, which typically pick up a large amount of dirt, gunk and pollutants. The balusters in the railing are especially challenging to tidy manually, and we are able to get them tidy using our equipment.

    Patio Cleaning Services in Sagaponack

    If you are aiming to revive your patio, look no further than Preferred Choice Cleaning Services! We care for numerous outdoor patios annually, from regular maintenance to deep cleaning. Numerous have not cared for their outdoor patio in years, others preserve it every few months. Whatever you need, we are here to assist.

    Stone Patio Cleaning Services

    Have a patio made of stone? These stones and pavers are very tough and require strong pressure to totally tidy. We use the right pressure with the right temperature water to attain the preferred outcomes.

    Stone patio areas often build up moss and algae, which can make the surface slippery. They also produce an ugly green to black film over the stone. By properly treating and cleaning this surface, we remove the natural materials, help avoid them from returning quickly, and leave you with a lovely and safe surface area.

    Brick Outdoor Patio Cleaning Services in Sagaponack

    If you have a brick patio area, you are aware of the challenges of natural growth between the bricks. Grass, weeds, moss and more will grow in between the bricks, which is very tough to get rid of. The specialists at Preferred Choice Cleaning Services can look after this for you. Using the ideal devices and the right pressure water, we can securely eliminate this without damaging the bricks and without interrupting the ground underneath the bricks.

    Bring that brick patio back to life-- call right now for a free estimate!

    Cleaning Pool Pavers and Brick in Sagaponack

    Pool pavers produce a lovely look around your swimming pool. They can end up being weather-beaten and even dangerous as algae and other organic products grow on the pavers.

    Pool pavers face the obstacle of being near the swimming pool, often being sprinkled with water. This cultivates more natural growth.

    Additionally, people constantly leaving and walking around the swimming pool -- dripping more water-- make the surface slippery for your family and visitors. Integrate that slipperiness with algae and organics, and the surface ends up being more harmful. A lot of poolside injuries are the result of slipping on the stonework. Let Preferred Choice Cleaning Services take care of this for you.

    The use of the best pressure, the ideal temperature level and safe cleaning products will return he charm of your pool pavers while discouraging organic materials from returning at any time soon.

    Sagaponack Soft Wash House Cleaning

    Many people are not familiar with the idea of a "soft wash"-- yet it is among the most reliable methods of cleaning your home's roof, siding, cedar shakes plus more. With a soft wash, we utilize specific devices, safe cleaners and water pressure equivalent to that of a garden hose.

    Power washers, terrific for tough surfaces like stone and brick, are too severe for wood and shingle roofs. By utilizing specialized soft wash technology, we can restore the appeal of your house without harming your cedar shakes, aluminum siding, cedar roof, shingle roof or other product that would not endure the intensity of pressure washers and power washers.

    Sagaponack Vinyl Railing, Deck and Fencing Cleaning

    Whether you have fencing around your home, a composite deck and / or vinyl railings on your deck, you'll want to keep them tidy. This is particularly true with white vinyl, which could turn grey and reveal all kinds of dirt, gunk, algae, moss and other organic products. Utilizing a combination of pressure washing and safe cleaning products is the very best method to clean this product and minimize the rate at which organics grow back.

    Depending on the vinyl railing, fencing and deck material in your Sagaponack home, we may utilize a combination of power washing and / or soft washing. The amount of dirt and gunk develop is a huge factor, as well as the toughness of the product. With weaker materials we will use a softer approach. With sturdier products that need a deeper cleaning, we will utilize the power washing technique.

    Similar to everything in your home, upkeep is key. You want to avoid deep discolorations that even the most extensive cleaning might not want to get rid of. By letting us do a deep cleaning, we can make it look great. With routine follow up cleansings, you keep your house looking even better. If you have Vinyl railings, fencing and decking in Sagaponack that needs to be cleaned up, call us today!

    Sagaponack Seamless gutter Cleaning

    Among the additional services we offer our customers is seamless gutter cleaning. This should be done each year, or more often relying on the trees around your Sagaponack house.

    As seamless gutters clog, rainwater typically runs down the face of your home instead of following the seamless gutters. This can result in staining on the surfaces of your house and water accumulations in areas not meant to collect rain overflow.

    In addition, the substantial load of damp leaves will certainly tug on your rain gutters, tearing them from the house and potentially causing damage to the rain gutters, the wood structure attaching the seamless gutters and other damage. In many cases, gutters can fall, causing injuries to people listed below.

    Make seamless gutter cleaning part of your regular maintenance. Call the specialists at Preferred Choice Cleaning Services right away!

    Sagaponack Shrink Wrapping to Safeguard Your Outside Furniture

    Lawn and deck furniture is very costly, and you should make sure to safeguard your financial investment.

    If you have outdoor furniture, you should secure and keep it every winter. You could place it in a garage if you are able to do that work and quit that area. The majority of our clients pick Shrink Wrapping rather, allowing them to leave their furniture outdoors in the winter season without the need of dreading problems.

    With shrink wrapping, we group your furniture tightly. Our skilled experts then wrap it in plastic and diminish the wrap, making it really tight and snug. This prevents the rain, snow, ice and sleet of the late fall and winter from damaging the furnishings.

    We are able to offer:

  • Gazebo shrink wrapping
  • Lawn, patio area, or pool furnishings shrink wrapping
  • Grill or barbecue pit shrink wrapping
  • Backyard ornaments shrink wrapping
  • Air conditioning system shrink wrapping
  • Swing set shink wrap
  • Outdoor kitchen island and bar shrink wrapping
  • Above ground swimming pools or jacuzzi shrink wrapping
  • If you have an interest in these types of services, please call Preferred Choice Cleaning Services now!

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