Sealing Your Tile For A Look That Lasts

Tile is one of the most versatile, durable, fashionable, and affordable in the long-run flooring options out there. There is a reason that tile has been used in flooring and décor for thousands of years, and if you have tile in your home, you’ll want to protect it to ensure it retains its lasting beauty and function. Sealing your tile and grout is just what you need to keep your tile flooring protected, and to guarantee that your upkeep remains simple for any schedule.
Grout can be a bit of a challenge to clean, not in skill but in tediousness. To clean your grout, a simple baking soda and water mixture is typically all that’s required, but to meticulously use a nylon bush to hand-scrub all those grout lines is where things get tough. Your tile sealant helps to keep your grout from picking up common foot-traffic stains, and keeps your flooring protected from everyday use, but tile sealant is known to wear away after periods of time in use.

If you use abrasive cleaners to clean your tile flooring, or you don’t sweep regularly, you could be doing your flooring a disservice that is shortening its life. Abrasive cleaners scratch away at sealant, then at tile after the sealant wears away, and leaves your grout open to absorbing difficult to clean stains. If you use all the right cleaners, but you don’t sweep debris from the tile often enough, the constant friction between dirt particles and tile wears your sealant away just as quickly. The best thing you can do for your tile flooring to keep it looking its best is to use gentle cleansers, like a vinegar and warm water solution, soft mop, and regular sweeping to keep your sealant in good standing.

With natural traffic, your tile sealant is going to take a hit, even if you wash correctly, sweep regularly, and care for your tile flooring as it deserves. If you don’t want to face the task of having to brush clean your grout, you’ll want to stay on top of your tile sealing treatments in order to keep that barrier between dirt, debris, and your tile healthy and strong. Yearly or bi-yearly tile and grout sealing with a professional sealing service is recommended to keep both your tile and your grout looking its best for life, providing you the best look and the best function for your tile flooring investment.

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