The Top 3 Surfaces That Require Soft Washing Over Pressure Washing

Some surfaces do better with a soft washing rather than a pressure washing, and it pays to know which if you want the best quality wash without the risk of damaging your property. Pressure washing is the single most popular and advantageous method of washing exterior surfaces, and soft washing can be viewed as a form of pressure washing more suitable to softer surfaces. While full powered pressure washing is better for harder materials like concrete or metal, the pressure used can damage other softer surfaces, making soft washing simply the better choice.

The 3 top surfaces around your home and property better suited for soft washing are:

1.    Wood siding
Wood siding is a common alternative to vinyl siding on homes and other surfaces, and with wood siding, soft washing methods should always be used. Wood siding is a common choice for the aesthetic it provides, and what soft washing serves to provide is a way to keep that aesthetic looking fresh, clean, and well maintained. If you want the perfect wash, soft washing with a lower psi than your standard pressure washing and the right cleaning detergents is key.

2.    Wood decks and fencing
Wood is the chosen material for decks and fencing for many reasons. It lasts through all different sorts of weather conditions, it doesn’t warp, coating or staining provides extra protection, and the look is classic and timeless. When cleaning wood fencing or decks, however, seek out soft washing services that provide cleaning with a lower psi than harder pressure washing, and ensures your wood surfaces are clean, but remain sturdy and durable.

3.    Shingles
When washing your roof, opt for soft washing over high powered pressure washing always. Full powered pressure washing can damage shingles and the adhesives that keep your roof together, and it’s not required to eliminate mildew, mold, and debris from the roof of your home. Soft washing can keep your roof clean while maintaining its integrity and not contributing to any roof damage.

Knowing when to choose soft washing over high powered pressure washing is important, and this difference can help you to keep your home looking fresh and clean without any cleaning damage. For many surfaces, soft washing provides the same quality clean as pressure washing, and removes the same debris without risking the durability of your surfaces.

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