Why Clean Your Roof?

You might not see it up close very often, but the roof is an important part of your home.  It keeps the rain and snow off your head, and it keeps the rest of your house from disintegrating from the water and filling up with mold, moss, pests, and wild animals.  It needs to be tough to stand up to the elements for decades without needing a replacement, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it until the time comes.

Your roof pay protect your home from moss and mold, but it can fall victim to these organisms itself.  Mold spores exist everywhere, including up on your roof, and they can take root and start to grow if your roof experiences a lot of rain, regular humidity, and plenty of shade from trees and nearby buildings.  And even if it doesn’t, mold is one of the main reasons why a roof will eventually age to the point of needing a replacement.

There are a few ways you can tell when your roof is experiencing mold, and for the most part you can notice these things by inspecting your roof from the ground.

  • The roof has changed color in patches.  Green and black are most common, but you should suspect any strange color change.
  • Roof tiles are starting to curl up instead of lying flat, or a few have fallen out entirely.  As mold grows and takes root, it pushes the tiles out of place.

If you spot this happening early enough, it’s possible for you to avoid replacing your roof and to add several more years to its lifespan.  Just hire a professional cleaning company to soft wash your roof and they will get rid of the mold without damaging the roof tiles in the process.  And be sure that it’s a soft wash with fungicidal detergent instead of a power wash:  the high pressure of a power wash can damage roof tiles and even void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Cleaning your roof protects it from damage from moss and mold, and the right treatment will keep mold from growing back for a year or even longer.  So keep an eye on your roof now and then, because it’s better to spot a problem from outside than to notice a growing water stain on your ceiling.

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